Welcome to Ph.D. Real Estate Photography (PhDREP) where my primary goal is to supply all real estate agents on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, and surrounding areas with unmatched professional service.  My current products include professionally produced interior and exterior photographs, accompanying floor plans, virtual twilights, and virtual staging.  Not only do these forms of media help you quickly sell your listing but they also facilitate your ability to attract new clients, both buyers and sellers.  In a recent survey (Moveright.com), 81% of sellers believed the inclusions of a floor plan would significantly influence the sale of their home.   Additionally, 93% of buyers prefer to see a floor plan.
     At PhDREP, real estate is our only business.  Our professionally produced photographs are captured using a shooting technique, know in the industry as, "Flambient."  This technique involves the hand-blending of a ambient exposure (existing light) with a flash exposure.  The utilization of a flash exposure ensures a more professionally accurate color representation and helps eliminate undesired color cast from other light sources found within the home.  
Thanks for considering PhDREP to meet your marketing needs.
Larry Isaacs